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The Dynamic Duo

There are many Dynamic Duos in life…

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Jack and Diane

Green Eggs and Ham

Growing up, I had a pretty specific collection of inspirations.  There’s a good chance you had many of the same.  I decided to honor my favorite duo growing up, but I couldn’t decide between the caped crusader and his faithful ward, or the first openly gay couple that I watched on TV.

So I decided to merge the pair of pairs and make a stupid shirt out of the unholy union.

The Dynamic Duo(s)

I love this shirt.  I usually only kind of “like” my work at most, but this shirt I love.  Everything made me happy about it.  Straight up digital drawing on the Wacom again, obviously inspired by the classic cover to Batman #9, but played out by the amazing pair of Bert and Ernie.

Some interesting things to note (well, I found them interesting at least): in the original cover, Robin’s cape was closer to orange than yellow, but Ernie’s “skin” tone made me tweak that up a tad.  I also had quote the internal debate whether or not Bert’s nose should be in the mask or exposed.  There used to be a version on my hard drive with the naked nose.  It was too scandalous.

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I am currently the Director of Information Technology for a major mid-Atlantic architecture, where I have been in that role for... a while now. I graduated with a degree in architecture from UVA. I like to spend my time letting my doodling and what not.

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